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Sabrient Quantitative Investment Research
A quant model's main strength lies in teh disciplined process of applying a small edge repeatedly to find as many independent invstment opportunities as possible. The resulting broad diversification increases the chances of achieving superior risk-adjusted returns.

Willy Ballman &
Dr. Tan Lien Seng
SHK Fund Management Ltd.
Why Quant?

A quantitative approach provides a structured, computer-driven framework for making sense of the extensive data available on publicly traded stocks.

In general, "quant" offers an unbiased and cost-effective analysis of the numbers. It is free of conflicts of interest, gut feel, or preconceptions of an individual analyst, while still taking into account factors that reflect changes in analyst opinions, consensus EPS estimates, and insider trading.

Contrary to popular opinion, quantitative analysis does not mean "technical analysis." While some of the Sabrient Smart Filters take into account price patterns, stock performance, and some chart-base metrics, technical analysis does not play a role in the rankings for the SmartRank Scorecards or in the ratings for the Sabrient Ratings Reports.

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