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Sabrient Quantitative Investment Research
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Platinum Subscription

Because of the growing demand for Sabrient's research in the institutional market, we are no longer offering subscriptions to individual investors, and this website will close on December 31, 2014

For details and information about where to find Sabrient products in the future,
please read our Letter to Subscribers.

The Sabrient Platinum subscription includes two exclusive actionable portfolios, the Earnings Busters 26 portfolio and the Investor's (H)Edge portfolio, plus access to ALL of Sabrient's individual investor tools in the Gold and Silver subscriptions.

In addition, CURRENT Annual Platinum subscribers receive complimentary access to our two premium portfolios: the annual Baker's Dozen and the Earnings Busters Quarterly. However, we are no longer accepting annual subscriptions.

The cost of a Platinum subscription is $37.95 monthly.


Earnings Busters 26

Effective Thursday, April 3, 2014, we will expand the holdings in the Earnings Busters Rolling 13 portfolio to 26 stocks and review positions every two weeks. This means that each stock will be held for an entire year, rather than 13 weeks.

To boost the portfolio to 26 stocks, we will recommend that you add an additional 13 positions right away. An explanatory report describing these 13 new positions will be released on Thursday, April 3, for your review in advance of Friday’s open.

Please note that the 13 new long positions to make Earnings Busters 26 will come from among the 20 new positions we are recommending for Earnings Busters Quarterly Q2. This ensures you are getting only the best of Sabrient’s top-ranked stocks.

If you didn't receive the subscriber letter describing these and other changes, you can download it here.

Sabrient Investor's (H)Edge Portfolio

The Investors’ Hedge portfolio (the long/short cousin of Earnings Busters 26) also will be expanded to 26 longs and 26 shorts, and will be reviewed every two weeks.

Additionally, this portfolio will revert from put options back to the classic long/short structure. Our universe of short candidates is reduced considerably when sufficient options liquidity and an attractive bid/ask spread is imposed as an additional eligibility requirement.

The longer holding period and lower volume requirements on the short side fit more closely to our quantitative rankings and the research by our forensic accounting experts at Gradient Analytics.

Investing Tools

These tools are in either our Gold or Silver subscription levels, as indicated below.

MyStockFinder is a powerful stock selection tool that allows you to find Buy-rated and Strong Buy-rated stocks that match YOUR particular investments goals. (GOLD)

Our Stock Ratings Reports represent unbiased, independent research on more than 5,000 U.S. listed stocks and ADRs and 1,500 Canadian-listed stocks. The reports use a proprietary, interpretive text generator to translate the Sabrient quantitative rankings into qualitative, easy-to-read analyses of individual stocks. Our system also assesses the stock's heightened probability of short-term upside or downside action based on the Sabrient scores and ranks, and assigns a rating of Strong Buy, Buy, Hold, Sell, or Strong Sell. (SILVER)

Our ETF Ratings Reports provide similar research on more than 400 equity ETFs. Using a bottom-up approach, we score and rank each ETF's underlying stocks. Then we use an interpretive text generator, to translate the scores into a qualitative analysis of the ETF. (GOLD)

Top 10 Stock Lists

We publish lists of 10 top-ranked stocks for a variety of investing styles and market caps; the lists are meant to be used as a source of stock ideas for the investor's personal evaluation. The current lists include:

  • All-caps: Stocks from all four caps and both value and growth styles (FREE)
  • Large-caps: Stocks with market caps greater than $5.0 billion (GOLD)
  • Mid-caps: Stocks with market caps from $1.0 - $5.0 billion (GOLD)
  • Small-caps: Stocks with market caps from $150 million - $1.0 billion (GOLD)
  • Micro-caps: Stocks with market caps less than $150.0 million (SILVER)
  • Value Stocks: Undervalued stocks across all market caps (GOLD)
  • Growth Stocks: High growth stocks across all market caps (GOLD)
  • GARP Stocks: Stocks with "growth at a reasonable price" across all market caps (SILVER)
  • Risers & Divers: These are two lists of 5 stocks each that have the most extraordinary changes in fundamentals, either positive (Risers) or negative (Divers) on a given day. (SILVER)

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