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Rock Solid Yields

The Rock Solid Yields portfolio, managed by Ron Rutherford, generates cash flow from a value portfolio of stable, high-paying dividend stocks.

Ron finds such stocks using a modified MyStockFinder search called "Rock Solid Yields." From the list of high-rated dividend stocks from the search, he makes his final selections using a variety of qualitative factors, including (but not limited to) insider buying and institutional buying; earnings and estimated earnings per share; revenue and cash flow; analyst research; and forensic accounting analysis.

He selects strong value stocks that are rated by Sabrient as Strong Buy or Buy. The objective of the portfolio is steady and consistent growth pattern, rather meteoric rises in price. The icing on the cake is dividends, which provide a base of income for down markets.

The Rock Solid Yields portfolio targets an overall dividend yield of around 5%, plus growth of assets of around 10% per year. This of course will vary based on market conditions at any given time.

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