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A Brief Look at Sabrient's Metholodogy

The Sabrient Ratings Algorithm (SRA)

The Buy/Hold/Sell ratings for the Sabrient stock reports are assigned automatically based on our Value, Growth, and Momentum multifactor models within the Sabrient Ratings Algorithm (SRA), which was developed and implemented in 2003.

Each week, the ratings algorithm is run and generates a stock’s rating based solely on its Value, Growth, or Momentum score. Note that this is a 100%, rule-based, quantitative process, with no analyst review or selection. Ratings are based on relative (rather than absolute) rankings, which can change as new data comes in. The ratings have an outlook of 1 to 6 months.

The SRA is run on Monday, and the new ratings reports are generated and posted sometime during the day on Tuesday. The rating changes spreadsheet, which shows each stock's current rating, previous rating, and date of change, is also posted on Tuesday after market close.

The Difference between the SRA Model and Other Sabrient Models

The Baker’s Dozen and Forward Looking Value portfolios, for example, start with a rules-based GARP (growth at reasonable price) quantitative model that takes a longer-term outlook than our SRA ratings algorithm, and then involves a rigorous qualitative review and manual selection process that looks at many factors outside of the screening model, with closer scrutiny of the numbers, rankings, fundamentals, competitors, and filings (including a forensic accounting review). We call this a “quantamental” approach.

Ideally, all Baker’s Dozen and Forward Looking Value selections would be rated Buy or Strong Buy by our automated SRA throughout the life of the trust, but in fact some stocks may lose some luster (so to speak) during the hold period, and even the really good ones might see shorter-term swings in their ratings.

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