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Sabrient Quantitative Investment Research
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Gold Subscription

Because of the growing demand for Sabrient's research in the institutional market, we are no longer offering subscriptions to individual investors, and this website will close on December 31, 2014

For details and information about where to find Sabrient products in the future,
please read our Letter to Subscribers.

The GOLD Subscription includes MyStockFinder and 6 Top 10 Lists, PLUS all the products in the Silver subscription, for just $17.95/month.
  • MyStockFinder is our powerful stock selection tool that allows you to find Buy-rated and Strong Buy-rated stocks that match YOUR particular investments goals. Unlimited use.

  • Top 10 Stock Lists.  The Sabrient Top 10 Lists are top-ranked stocks in specific categories which you can use as "stock ideas." Lists are updated daily.
  • Top 10 Small Caps.  Stocks from the small-cap universe rated Strong Buy.

  • Top 10 Mid Caps.  Stocks from the mid-cap universe rated Strong Buy.

  • Top 10 Large Caps.  Stocks from the large-cap universe rated Strong Buy.

  • Top 10 Value Stocks.:  Stocks with strong VALUE characteristics across all market caps rated Strong Buy.

  • Top 10 Growth Stocks.  Stocks with high GROWTH potential across all market caps rated Strong Buy.

  • Top 10 Momentum Stocks.  Stocks with strong MOMENTUM across all market caps rated Strong Buy.

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